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28094 (v4a)
Produce a household budget, set a financial goal and review and adjust the budget to achieve the goal.

Level: 2 Credits: 3 Marking Service


* This unit standard uses a fillable pdf for the assessment

In this course, learners will learn about producing a household budget, and using that budget to achieve a household financial goal.

Once learners have completed this course they will be able to:

  • set a financial goal
  • produce a household budget
  • review and adjust the budget to achieve the financial goal
  • set up a household emergency fund
  • explain why budget adjustments and review periods are suitable.

At all times, teachers must comply with the terms of the Privacy Act 2020. If the learner does not feel comfortable either discussing or answering questions about their own personal finances, they should be encouraged to explore other realistic options that could apply to the learner in the future and assist with their learning.